Habakiri 2.3.0 update. Add Font Awesome, IE9 css support and more.

We just made ​​an update the other day, but also gave an update. Major updates will be following.

  • IE9 support: Split the style.css.
  • If you use child theme, style.min.css of Habakiri is auto laoded.
  • Add font-awesome.
  • Changed related posts styles.

IE9 support: Split the style.css

In IE9 of ModernIE on Mac, CSS in the vicinity of the bottom of the main CSS is not rendered in the page, I found a problem that.

I think maybe IE9 following selector limit.

So, we divide the CSS, Bootstrap + icon fonts CSS and Habakiri original CSS.

If you use child theme, style.min.css of Habakiri is auto laoded

If less than v2.3.0, you need to load the CSS of Habakiri when you create a child theme. In v2.3.0, it is no longer required because automatically load the CSS of Habakiri.

Add font-awesome

In past, Habakiri included Glyphicons and Genericons. In v2.3.0, you can also be used Font Awesome.

Since different subtly size and line spacing in each of the icon font If we leave it as it is , we put the adjusted so as to some extent the same that hit .

We justified line height and font-size there fonts.

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